Levent Oz

How to Add Your Existing Local Git Repo to GitHub 11.2018

It's super easy to clone a GitHub repo to your local environment. Not so much if you want to go the other direction. I will show you step-by-step how to push your local Git repo into GitHub and discuss solutions to several roadblocks that you might hit along the way.

Adding PrimeNG to your Angular Project 11.2018

In this post, I will focus on adding PrimeNG components to the project we created in Getting Started with Angular.

PrimeNG's official Getting Started is great, but this post distills it and combines information from other parts of the documentation so all you need to get started with all that PrimeNG offers is in one spot.

Key Concepts in Angular 11.2018

In my previous post, I discussed how to quickly set up an Angular project and create a basic, reusable component. In there, I demonstrated the syntax for conditional inclusion (*ngIf), repeaters (*ngFor) and one-way binding and briefly touched on two-way binding.

In this post, I take a step back and discuss some of the key concepts of Angular. Any Angular developer should have a thorough understanding of these concepts.

Getting Started with Angular 11.2018

In one of my previous jobs, I used Angular 2 (and later versions) to build from scratch the front-end for a complete full-stack application. I loved the simplicity of Angular components, the elegance of one-way and two-way bindings, scoped CSS, and the power of TypeScript.

Here I revisit the basics, which is really important to eliminate the "activation-energy" needed to start a new project. The official documentation is great, and I urge you to read it, but reading different perspectives (such as this post) can help you understand things better. This one is for beginners to Angular, or those who need a quick refresher.

Debugging Child Node Processes In VS Code 11.2018

Setting up debugging should be straightforward. In the case of child-process debugging for Node, it isn't. Like the proverbial planets, all the configurations have to align. However, once setup, the full power of the debugger with its breakpoints, watches, call-stacks and immediate-windows will be at your disposal. Say goodbye to console logs!

Tips for Switching between Windows and MacOS 11.2018

As a long-time user of Windows, I'm here to tell you that switching to a MacOS o doesn't have to be painful. Had I had access to a post like this, I'm sure it would have saved me tons of time. If you've just received your first Macbook (or Windows machine) and want to get a head-start and become productive quickly, read on!

Vocabulary 2017

Here's the second in a series of posts where I list vocabulary I came across in the previous year. Check'em out!

Vocabulary 2016

2016 was the year of the US election. Reading the news articles, I realized there are quite a few words that I didn't know or quite understand, and that's when I decided to make lists of these words to improve my vocabulary. Check'em out!